Young Londoners Fund - latest information

31 May 2019

GLA Young Londoners Fund 

The Greater London Authority (GLA) is providing £15m for projects that offer young Londoners aspirational and positive activities. By taking part, they can make positive choices and reach their potential.
See below for the latest information on the Young Londoners Fund. 

Who is the funding for?

Projects should support children and young people (aged 10-21) who are at risk of exclusion or involvement in criminal activity, or have been involved in crime.

What are the GLA looking for?

The GLA want project applications that…
• will provide activities that can make a real difference to young people so they feel positive about their prospects;
• are informed by local knowledge, need and demand and shaped by those closest to the community 
• have involved young people in the project design and delivery;
• are from legally constituted organisations with the experience, capacity and capability to run the project; and
• are between 1-3 years in length and cost between £10,000 and £1.5m.

Further information 

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Support for YLF bids

For information about support with your bid for funding a Lewisham project contact Mark by 4 July. 
For more details on eligibility, grants and requirements, see our prospectus at
Applications open now and close 12-noon on 12 July 2019.

How has the Young Londoners Fund affected those who've received funding?

Lewisham Violence Reduction 
The Safety and Wellbeing of our Communities