Youth First invites applications to tender for youth service provision

Youth First, the employee and youth owned and run mutual to deliver youth provision in Lewisham, announced earlier this month an invitation to submit an application to tender for one of ten contracts for youth service provision.

At the Children and young people's forum meeting on Wednesday 15 June 2017, Youth First CEO Mervyn Kaye underlined a continued determination to drive the development and attainment of nine key capabilities in the young people they serve. and said that projects will need to indicate which of the capabilities (listed below) best match your service delivery, and can be measured.


Capabilities for young people

  1. Managing feelings: Understanding their own feelings, and being able to regulate and reflect on them.
  2. Resilience and determination: Feeling that they have a sense of purpose that motivates them and encourages resilience and determination.
  3. Making the most of London: Being able to take advantage of the opportunities around them, including those outside Lewisham.
  4. Confidence and aspiration: Having high aspirations and confidence in their ability to achieve and make positive choices.
  5. Planning and problem solving: Being able to plan and problem solve effectively, setting their own goals and analysing situations to reach their own judgements.
  6. Relationships and leadership: Developing positive relationships, including the ability to emphasise, accept differences and manage conflict successfully.
  7. Creativity: Having an open mind towards new ideas so that they can imagine and develop new ways of doing things.
  8. Strengthening citizenship: Taking pride in their community as positive and active citizens of Lewisham, able to become future leaders.
  9. Communication: Being confident in expressing themselves in different ways, sharing their views and listening to others. 


Tight timescale

Applications are due no later than noon on Friday 14 July 2017. Applications must be completed electronically and will only be accepted via email, sent to



Download the gudiance and invitation to tender here

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