Voluntary Action Lewisham and METRO Charity potential merger

08 Nov 2019

Potential merger with METRO Charity

We are pleased to announce that the boards of Voluntary Action Lewisham (VAL) and METRO Charity have agreed to undertake due diligence towards a proposed merger. 
Ben Beck, Chair of VAL, says: “We are keen to explore the possibility of a merger with METRO Charity to both strengthen and increase the reach of our work.
"We also see great parallels in our and METRO's work, especially METRO GAVS, in supporting local voluntary and community organisations, providing sector voice and creating stronger communities." 
Gwen Bryan, Chair of METRO Charity, says: “Lewisham is a key area for METRO, this is an opportunity to build and collaborate on the services both organisations offer in the borough and explore the possibility of together managing the Mulberry Centre as an office base and community resource.
"Having been the Chair of Positive Parenting and Children (PPC), who merged with METRO in 2016, this process feels reassuringly familiar, I am confident that if the due diligence process concludes positively that we will be able to very successfully integrate the outstanding work of our two charities in a truly synergistic way." 
Christine Wykes Driver has recently been appointed acting Chief Executive of VAL and she will work closely with VAL’s trustees and Dr Greg Ussher, METRO’s CEO, to support the staff and carry out due diligence in preparation for merger.
Further details will be available shortly.