Help shape health and wellbeing provision in your neighbourhood

As part of Lewisham Council’s neighbourhood strategy for health and wellbeing in the borough, the Community Connections Development Workers have launched a series of inaugural meetings to bring together local organisations working for the wellbeing of adults in their 'neighbourhoods'.

The Neighbourhood Community Development Partnerships are set in four pre-defined areas, roughly covering North Lewisham, Central Lewisham, Southwest Lewisham and Southeast Lewisham. Community Connections leads are working with the council’s Local Assembly Community Development Workers to establish the partnerships.

They are part of a wide-ranging strategy on the part of local health and care partners to link up health and care professionals and local voluntary providers to deliver a sustainable health and care system that will support people to improve their wellbeing and lead independent and fulfilled lives.

The initiative is overseen by a multi-agency steering group, which includes a broad range of local voluntary sector health and wellbeing providers, including Age UK Lewisham and Southwark, Bromley Lewisham and Mind, Volunteer Services Lewisham and ourselves. 


Gaps and priorities

The aim of the first meetings were to discuss the terms of reference drafted by Community Connections, as well as assets and gaps in the neighbourhood around provision of services contributing to wellbeing. The meetings mark the beginning of a process of establishing localised networks that can work towards achieving shared goals with £25K pot of funding being made available for each neighbourhood.

While each group highlighted different areas of concern, some of the common priorities across all areas included:

  • mental health and wellbeing services
  • social isolation due to lack of transport for people with mobility difficulties
  • lack of befriending services
  • need for mapping services and shared intelligence
  • food and healthy eating.

The Community Connections team are planning the next round of meetings, and are keen to extend their reach as much as possible. If you attended the first meeting please share the information widely. If you weren't able to attend contact the Community Connections lead for your area. Not sure where you fit? Contact one of the leads below.



Community Connections lead

North Lewisham

Diana Hofler

Central Lewisham

Charmaine Binns

Southwest Lewisham

Carola Von Deym

Southeast Lewisham

Trevor Pybus


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