Primary Care Networks launched

01 Jul 2019

Understanding primary care networks briefing 

Primary Care Networks have just been launched and helpfully The Health Foundation has written a briefing. 
It examines the thinking behind the networks, explores relevant evidence and the intended benefits and possible risks for the future of PCNs.
Key points from the briefing: 
  • From 1 July 2019,  patients in England will be covered by a primary care network (PCN) – the most significant reform to general practice in England in a generation.
  • PCNs should help to integrate primary care with secondary and community services, and thus bridge a gap between general practice and emerging Integrated Care Systems.
  • Since January 2019, practices have been organising themselves into local networks to provide care at greater scale by sharing staffing and some funding.
  • While PCNs offer the potential to integrate care and improve services, there is a risk that the speed of implementation will undermine the best intentions of the policy.
Read the briefing online