Opportunity for corporate volunteering partnership

13 Sep 2017

Team London tells us they have been approached by a large London business to help them establish new partnerships with London charities. If your charity meets the following criteria and you would like to be considered please contact Stephanie Kamin before 19 September. You will be sent a template to complete for initial consideration. If you pass this stage you will be invited to complete a longer form soon after.


You must be a registered London charity, delivering benefits to communities across London in one or more of the boroughs that are affected by the Thames Tideway Tunnel construction - these include Deptford. See https://www.tideway.london/the-tunnel/construction-sites/

You must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

Concerned with the river and/or the environment

Involving young people/education/ employability programme.

Concerned with health and wellbeing of Londoners

The charity should be of an appropriate size that the business involvement could have a significant positive impact and offer significant opportunities for group and individual volunteering activities for members of their staff.

Please email Stephanie.Kamin AT london.gov.uk (replace AT with the usual symbol) if you wish to be considered.