New Lewisham Children and Family Centres offer single referral point for support

Following the completion of the tender process for children's centres, Pre-school Learning Alliance has been allocated the contract in partnership with Clyde Nursery School, with Beecroft Garden School and other partners to deliver services across the borough. 


They are also working with Kelvin Grove/Eliot Bank and Downderry Children's Centres to create a clear seamless borough-wide offer.


There is therefore now one single referral point for all family support work through all children's centres across the borough to the following secure email:


Lewisham Children and Family Centres - as they are now called - work across the full Continuum of Need.  Any children with additional needs who would benefit from extra help or a family who requires a targeted service to improve education, parenting or behaviours, to meet specific health or emotional needs, or to improve their living situation/access to support services, should be referred to Lewisham Children and Family Services (LCFC) for support in the first instance. 


They also provide parenting programmes such as Triple P and Incredible Years, programmes to support children who have been exposed to domestic abuse, and targeted programmes to support attachment, healthy lifestyles and school readiness.


LCFC Family Support Workers can also facilitate a Team-around-the-family (TAF) to bring together all agencies involved with the family in order to decide on the support package required and who will provide it.


If you would like to make a LCFC referral for family support, a parenting programme or other targeted service, please download the LCFC referral form, complete it and send to and/or submit an Early Help Assessment to them if one has already been completed.


Intensive support and urgent referrals

If a more intensive level of family support is needed from the local authority’s commissioned family support service, the single request should be completed ticking ‘help and support’ and submitted into the MASH here


If a child is at risk of physical, emotional, sexual abuse, or neglect, refer to MASH using the single request form and selecting 'Protection'.


For urgent child protection referrals, contact the MASH on 020 8314 9181. If you think a child or young person may be in immediate danger, call 999 or contact your local police on 101.