Mindful mums - free course

07 Nov 2018
Mindful Mums
Free groups for pregnant women and new mums in Lewisham
Five week course providing support
and connection led by trained,
volunteer mums.
Learn about:
  • Changes in identity and myths around being a “perfect mum”
  • Body image and media pressures
  • Changes in relationships with partners, friends and family
  • Connecting with other people
  • Managing stress, tiredness and worry.
In 2017-18, out of 160 Lewisham Mindful Mums:
86% feel better able to cope
79% feel less isolated
82% feel more positive
99% had improved confidence
100% gained skills they can use as a
100% would recommend the course
to a friend
98% experienced a positive impact
on their family.
More information or book your place:
Call 07850 639818