London Impact Awards nominations are open!

25 Oct 2019 Lewisham news

London Impact Awards: Powering Youth supported by Citi Foundation.

The 2020 Awards are dedicated to the charitable organisations and young leaders in our capital working to reduce youth violence and helping to build positive futures for children and young people at risk.
There are different award categories in the London Impact Awards all recognising organisations that are leading the way in tackling youth violence by:
Best Youth Voice
Best Innovator
Best Collaborator
Young Leader with Impact
The winning charitable organisations across the first three categories will each receive a £30,000 grant and have their own promotional video produced ahead of the event.
Youth violence in London is a complex and far-reaching issue and highlighting the positive impact of charitable organisations and individuals working to reduce the violence is one small way  of demonstrating that change is possible.         
Deadline to submit a nomination is 5pm on 11 November 2019.