Locality funding programmes for neighbourhood planning

31 Mar 2015 Funding

Locality is the leading nationwide network of community enterprises, development trusts, settlements and social action centres. They run the My Community Rights support service providing advice, support and grants for the Community Rights, Neighbourhood Planning and Our Place programmes.

On Friday 13 March the Our Place / First Steps Roadshow announced a new round of funding for both Our Place and First Steps funding. Both programmes are open from 1 April 2015 with different closing dates in May 2015. But what are they and how can they be accessed?

Our Place consists of local partners within a neighbourhood coming together with local people to identify the issues that matter most to them and working together to develop a plan to tackle these issues and reshape services to better meet their needs. A small grant of £8000 can be achieved to help you prepare your operational plan.

The programme opens 1 April 2015 and closes on 8 May 2015. To access funding to get your plan going a number of criteria must be achieved. These include:

•       Being based and working in England,

•       Being an incorporated organisation

•       Having an annual turnover of £50k.

To find out more or to apply click here


The First Steps programme as the name suggests, enables communities who have never been involved in community rights activity … take their first step. Small community groups have the freedom to develop action plans to improve their neighbourhood. They receive training and advice/mentoring to create an action plan in their area. A small grant of £2,500 can be applied for in order to help you prepare your community action plan. Groups can also receive relationship management support. Some of the criteria for accessing support and funding includes:

•       Based in England

•       Be a voluntary or community group

•       Have a turnover of under £50k a year

•       Be willing to work on and produce a community action plan by February 2016

To find out more or to apply click here

To find out more about locality, visit locality.org.uk