Health and Wellbeing Board update - July 2016

Here are a few of the highlights of the Health and Wellbeing Board (HWB) meeting on 19 July 2016:

  1. Engaging Lewisham’s Polish community: Responding to Healthwatch Lewisham’s report on the Polish community and access to wellbeing services in Lewisham, the Healthier Communities Select Committee raised concerns about the need for further engagement of Lewisham’s Polish community, with recommendations for the HWB.
  2. Developing a whole system model of care: A recent decision was taken by members of the Adult Integrated Care Programme Board to refocus future integration meetings on the strategic whole systems issues that will deliver the transformational change required in health and care.
  3. A whole system approach to obesity: This year Lewisham Council was awarded National Pilot status for the whole system approach to tackling obesity, and Public Health sought HWB members’ support and engagement. The programme includes the Sugar Smart awareness-raising campaign, to be piloted in Lewisham and Greenwich in September 2016.
  4. JSNA update: An informative overview of the health of the population of Lewisham and key challenges, is available in this paper updating data from the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment here.  Also describes the process for engaging stakeholders and the wider community in the selection and production of needs assessment.


The papers submitted for these and other discussions are available on the Council’s website here

Publication of official minutes of the meeting will be uploaded once they are approved.