Free Practitioner Training - Reducing Parental Conflict

28 Oct 2019

Reducing Parental Conflict

Lewisham’s Reducing Parental Conflict Programme aims to increase awareness about the effects that parental conflict can have on children. It aims to provide training for front-line practitioners and local partners.
“Research shows that quality inter-parental relationships - regardless of whether the couple is together or not - and the ability to resolve conflict, has a huge influence on the long term life chances of children. Improving inter-parental relationships… is vital to ensure we avoid missing a crucial piece of the jigsaw in improving children’s mental health and future life chances.” Early Intervention Foundation 2016
Where conflict between parents is frequent, intense and poorly resolved it can harm children’s outcomes – regardless of whether parents are together or separated.
The risk of conflict between parents is higher at crucial points in family life, such as becoming pregnant, having a baby, a child starting or changing school, separation of divorce and worklessness.
However relationship difficulties are often seen as a private matter & couples tend to only seek help when they are in crisis.
Frontline Practitioner Training
  • training will help you develop your practical skills for working with parents in conflict and working with parents to reduce and resolve the conflict.
  • course suitable for practitioners who work with parents continuously and intensively, who can influence and work practically with parents to reduce conflict and its impacts on children.
(It is recommended that you also attend an introductory half or full days training before this course)