Free governance and property assets seminars

Russell Cooke Solicitors is offering free seminars for trustees and managers focusing on governance best practice and maximising property assets:


Governance reviews and best practice

2 Putney Hill, London SW15 6AB

28 September 2016, 4:45 - 6pm

Good governance doesn't just occur. The collapse of Kids Company and other recent events dramatically demonstrate the need to examine the strucutres and processes you have in place if you are to deliver good governance. In this charity law seminar James Sinclair Taylor from Russell Cooke Solicitors, will look at:


  • approaches to review your governance arrangements
  • the most common areas where improvement is required
  • practical tips
  • advice on how to achieve better governance.

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Asset rich, cash poor - how to maximise your charity's property assets

7 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4BS

11 October 2016, 4.45 - 6pm

A substantial interest in a property can be a vital asset to a charity, but one which is sometimes overlooked or not fully understood. James McCallum, Clare, Garbett and guest speakers from property consultants Gerald Eve will discuss how to make the most of your property assets, including:

  • undertstanding your property assets, liabilities and potential
  • how to manage difficult property issues
  • charitable duties when dealing with property
  • valuation and estate strategy
  • negotiating with developers
  • when to seek professional advice.

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