Diabetes Lewisham - support in your community

Type 2 diabetes is one of the most prevalent long term conditions in London, affecting about 4 - 7 per cent of the adult population. 

In 2012/13 there were 13,391 people aged over 17 years with diabetes in Lewisham, and it is estimated that there are a further 5,399 adults living with undiagnosed diabetes. Diabetes represents a serious, growing global and national problem.

The borough's projections suggest that the prevalence of diabetes in Lewisham is expected to overtake the national average, rising to almost one in ten people, by 2030. 

Lewisham CCG are bringing together GPs, community services, the hospital and patients to jointly design a new way for Lewisham to tackle this diabetes crisis. Their diabetes transformation programme is a 3-5 year plan that focuses on developing community based diabetes care to help the people of Lewisham better manage their health, and be supported to understand and self-manage their condition.


Peer support programme

As part of this programme, they are working with Healthwatch Lewisham to deliver a programme to recruit and support Peer Support Facilitators to establish Diabetes Peer Support Groups across the borough. There will be four Diabetes Peer Support Groups, with a minimum of eight members in each group. Once established, each group will work together towards organising and delivering a diabetes event for Diabetes Awareness Week 2018 next June.

'It is important for Lewisham to act now by transforming how diabetes is delivered so we can improve outcomes and the quality of diabetic care, said Dr Charles Gostling, Clinical Director. 'The development of the peer support groups will establish a strong link between local residents living with Type 2 diabetes and the CCG and will directly influence our diabetes transformation programme in Lewisham. The key to making the necessary changes is to ensure that people with diabetes and those working in diabetes care lead and drive the changes.'


Get involved     
If you would to know more, are interested in becoming a Peer Support Facilitator, or would like to share your experience of Type 2 diabetes, please contact Stephanie Wood at Healthwatch Lewisham, stephanie@communitywaves.co.uk or 020 8315 1906