Civil Society Strategy launched

10 Aug 2018

Civil Society Strategy published

The government has published the Civil Society Strategy, which looks at how people, places and the public, private and social sectors can be supported to contribute even more to the creation of social value - having a positive impact on society. 
It aims to help connect and empower people to improve the areas they live, as well as bringing together these different sectors to help enrich lives and build a fairer society for all.
The strategy says there are growing numbers of businesses looking to make a more positive contribution to society and set up primarily to do good. Charities remain at the heart of civil society, but the report outlines the potential for cross sector partnerships.
This Strategy is intended to be seen as a companion to the Industrial Strategy. While the Industrial Strategy focuses on productivity and economic growth, the Civil Society strategy is concerned with community and social growth. 
Tracey Crouch, Minister for Sport and Civil Society, said: 
“Civil society is the backbone of our communities. It is made up of the volunteers, youth workers, charities and innovative businesses that work to improve lives and make areas better for all.
“Our strategy builds on this spirit of common good to help create a country that works for everyone. I want people, organisations and businesses to feel inspired to get involved and make a difference.
“Through collaboration, we will unlock the huge potential of this incredible sector, help it grow, support the next generation and create a fairer society.”