Automatic disqualification rules change for charities

31 Jul 2018 Governance

From 1 August 2018 the Charity Commission are tightening the rules on who can run a charity. There will be more legal reasons that disqualify someone from acting as a trustee such as being on the sex offenders register, and certain unspent convictions - such as for terrorism or money laundering. People who are disqualified from acting as a trustee are also disqualified from holding certain senior manager positions such as Chief Executive (or equivalent) positions and Chief Finance Officer (or equivalent) positions.

To prepare for the changes you will need to:

  • Consult the Commissions guidance on automatic disqualification and waivers 
  • Check that your charity's trustees, chief executive officer and financial officers meet the new rules 
  • Update recruitment and appointment systems

See the Commission's guidance here