Blue Monday and how to Beat It - with help from VAL

Blue Monday and how to Beat It? I’m not talking about Eighties songs by New Order and Michael Jackson (great as they are).

No, Blue Monday, 15 January this year, is when Christmas memories have faded, our credit card bills arrive, we’ve failed in our New Year’s resolutions to shift the excess weight from Christmas overeating, the weather is grim and we’re back to work after weeks of partying. These factors combine in a perfect storm for a day that’s the depressing of the year, ‘Blue Monday’.

Fear not, VAL CAN HELP!

Drawing on the Five Ways to Wellbeing, here’s our prescription:

1. Give – spending time on others makes you feel good. Make volunteering your New Year’s resolution. Get in touch with VAL’s volunteering expert, Aparna.

2. Keep learning – Trying something new. Sign up for a course with us. VAL’s fundraising expert, Lillian, lined up some great fundraising courses this year.

3. Take notice – noticing the remarkable in your environment and reflecting on your experiences will help you appreciate what matters. As will sharing your ideas and taking time to reflect. We’ve loads of events where you meet others and share ideas – see

4. Connect – Connecting with those around you – your colleagues and staff from other charities. Join us at our Volunteering Marketplace event on 23 January.

5. Be active – going for a walk in your lunch break… or better still speak to our Aparna about opportunities that combine volunteering with exercise – such as Lewisham GoodGym or Hilly Fields Parkrun.

That’s it. Simple huh? And now, for those Eighties videos….