Lillian Brown gives highlights of representations made in the recently published House of Lords select committee report, Stronger charities for a stronger society around the areas of impact measurement and fundraising

If a business plan is something you would put time and effort into only if a potential funder required it, you may be missing out on a valuable tool for steering your organisation to achieve its ambitions, says Chris Wykes Driver

On Local Charities Day (16 December 2016) VAL took the opportunity to launch a month-long campaign highlighting the work and some of the challenges faced by Lewisham charities. Joanne Roberts shares how we did it, to help prompt ideas for your own mini-campaigns


After a long time in the shadows small, local charities are finally on the public radar.


Chris Wykes Driver suggests six financial resolutions for trustees and managers of small organisations looking to keep on top of their finances in 2017


After the festive break many of us return to work or volunteering roles with good intentions for breaking our bad habits. 


Youth First, Lewisham’s fledgling employee and young people-owned mutual delivering provision for local young people, sets a new direction for the borough’s youth provision as a new social enterprise that aims to support and improve young people’s lives. We interview Paulette Watson, the newly appointed CYP Forum non-executive director of its Board.



Conor Kelly from Localgiving makes the case for online giving for small, local charities and grassroots groups