Chris Wykes Driver defines the relationship between the role of trustees and creating positive outcomes for their organisation's beneficiaries


Chris Wykes Driver, VAL’s Development Support Officer specialising in governance, finance and social enterprise support, provides a tried and tested approach to setting up a social enterprise or trading arm


Sophie Millward, VAL's Administrator, offers up some of the best free digital tools that can help make life easier for small charities

Sarah Crowther, trainer for HEAR Equality and Human Rights Network, says asking the difficult questions can lead to insights that could feed the quality of your work as well as your funder's hunger for data



We don’t discriminate.  We’re open to everyone.  But are you? 

Chris Freed, VAL’s Chair, reflects on what we can take away from our recent snapshot State of the sector survey

VAL Chair Chris Freed urges Lewisham's VCS to stick together as the creative 'glue that holds things together' in the uncertainty of the EU Referendum results


What an interesting time it has been since the EU Referendum results!  Whatever way you voted, the result has brought about more questions than it has answers.