What’s in a name? Want to help VAL with rebranding?

At VAL’s AGM in November, members considered options for changing VAL’s name. The most popular of the options was to keep the name Voluntary Action Lewisham for now. The reasons for this included the idea of keeping the name for continuity as VAL now delivers a greater variety of services, such as room hire and volunteering.

Our Mega Volunteering event this week was a massive success.

One quote from a participant summed up the event.

"This is an amazing event – when I retired and looked for opportunities in Lewisham I couldn’t find much info so this is great. The leaflet through the door was what provided me with the information on the event otherwise I wouldn’t have known. I’m going to go back and tell my friends about this."

Check out this great video shared with us by Sam at Lewisham Local

Blue Monday and how to Beat It? I’m not talking about Eighties songs by New Order and Michael Jackson (great as they are).

Let’s face it, most New Year’s Resolutions fizzle out in the second week of January when we realise it’s simply too hard to drink eights glasses of water a day.
But if we resolve to volunteer for a cause we care about, it’s highly likely we’ll stick at it. Quite simply, it makes us feel good to give back, especially when we can see the difference we are making.
Many organisations in Lewisham would not exist without the support of volunteers and are constantly looking for new people to get involved.
Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to reflect on small charities and the vital part they play to help hold Lewisham's communities together.
Every day these groups provide vital support through a range of social activities. And much of this is provided by volunteers.
From grassroots groups to small established charities, they work with some of the most disadvantaged of Lewisham's communities.
It’s Giving Tuesday today and our new chair, Alyson McGarrigle, shares her thoughts on volunteering below. 
Alyson, fourth from the left, with VAL's other trustees.