April is Stress Awareness month and also Action for Happiness’ Active April. Now that we have light evenings and some good weather on the way to improve our moods, there are lots of local projects to entice us outside.

New Data Protection Regulations and what it means 

As a charity, compliance should be top of the list – the money we receive is given in good faith by supporters, funders, government, to use to benefit others. 
Alas, with so many conflicting priorities and targets to meet, it can often be forgotten. Data protection in particular is a complicated area that many small organisations either overlook, or are simply misinformed about. 

Are you a VCS rep in Lewisham? 

If yes, please get in touch as we're holding a reps update session next week: 

    Tuesday 20 March at 2pm

Email Mark for more details if you are a VCS (voluntary and community sector) rep in Lewisham. 


Training that saves lives 

This week we were lucky enough to play hosts to GCDA's excellent First Aid training. 
It was a hands on session and, more importantly, it's life-saving training. 
To find out more about GCDA's training visit their website
or email Jenny Budd at 

In this two-minute video, Henry Stewart explains the case for creating a happy workplace - the financial evidence and academic research.

Alex Edmans of the Wharton Business School has found that companies on the Great Place to Work lists have a Four Factor Alpha of 3.5% on the stock market, compared to ordinary workplaces.

Chloe Hur, a student at Goldsmith's University, explains during Student Volunteering Week why she finds it rewarding volunteering on VAL's heritage project.

Why I volunteer 

When I started my Visual Sociology study at Goldsmiths, I wanted to look for meaningful ways to hone my visual skills whilst learning more about people-led movements. VAL’s Refuge, Resistance, Response project offered me the perfect opportunity.