Photographs from VAL's Collaboration conference


Here are some of the photographs from VAL's Collaboration conference in October. 

VAL trustee Barbara Gray, from Urban Dandelion, speaking today about BAME collaboration at 'Collaborate for Lewisham' - a day of inspiring speakers, case studies and workshops on collaborative working. 


Capture Projects Lottery funded community garden and mosaic project at the Mulberry 

Guest post by Debs Astell from Capture Projects
Capture Projects was thrilled to receive National Lottery funding to do a community garden and mosaic project at the Mulberry Centre in New Cross. 
Over the past couple of months we have worked in the Centre with the staff and centre users - hard work but also great fun.

World Mental Health day

Today is World Mental Health Day – a good a day as any to talk about my explorations in Positive Psychology, otherwise known as “the study of what makes life worth living”.


What is the Charity Governance Code?

The Charity Governance Code provides an overview of best practice for managing charities and a useful structure for reviewing how your own charity measures up. There are different versions of the Code, with one designed for small organisations that takes into account the specific challenges that smaller charities face.

Rosario Guimba-Stewart, VAL trustee and  Chief Executive at Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network, encourages organisations to work together 

The many challenges many refugees and migrants currently face are immense. 
The government’s ‘hostile environment’ for illegal migrants is wrecking the lives of those who have the right to be here. 
Landlords are now required to check on tenants’ immigration status or otherwise face hefty fines; this practice encourages racial profiling and discrimination. 

Fun Palaces took place on the weekend of 6th and 7th October. 

Fun Palaces about ordinary people bringing their passons and skills to share with others, for free.
There were fantastic activities the public could try out. 
These varied from African dance to pedal power, and from life-drawing to wall climbing! 
Various community centres in the borough hosted Fun Palace activities. 
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