Tim Miller from Lewisham Council explains what some of the changes under the Care Act 2014 could mean for the voluntary and community sector

The Care Act 2014 merges 40 years of social care legislation into one legal framework. In many ways it can be seen as taking good practice in the sector and setting it down as legislation or statutory guidance.

by Mark Drinkwater


The Five Ways to Wellbeing, developed by the New Economics Foundation in 2008, has been adopted by councils, NHS and charities around the country as a set of techniques to promote better mental health and wellbeing.

In my role as the Health Inequalities and Social Care officer at Voluntary Action Lewisham I recently delivered a workshop introducing and exploring the Five Ways  at this year’s Lewisham Mental Health Conference on 11 September.

by Tony Nickson

A lot has happened since I took up the post of Director almost two years ago. Much of my time has focused on setting the foundations to enable VAL to continue to support and represent the sector in an ever-changing environment.

At yesterday's conference at Goldsmith's we wrestled with powerful issues of poverty and exclusion. We heard from community artists using intelligence and imagination to bring people together to recreate our communities and living spaces through creative action. Emotion ran high as we were moved and enraged by stories of poverty and exclusion side by side with prosperity in our borough.