Tony Nickson tracks the progress of work to highlight the issue of food poverty in Lewisham

Tony Nickson, VAL Director, reflects on what the outcome of the recent election could mean for the voluntary and community sector in Lewisham

Andy McGuire, the brains behind beancounter bookkeeping software for small charities, started as a volunteer at Voluntary Action Lewisham two years ago. We interview him about how it came about, what makes him tick and what makes beancounter so effective.



What’s your background?

Chris Wykes Driver explains why it's more important than ever for organisations to have a handle on their finances

Joanne Roberts explains why it's important for small charities to find and communicate their brand identity.


You know the popular programme that takes celebrities on an emotional fact-finding journey through their family history?

Savita Narain, Deputy Director of AVA (Against Violence and Advice) and equalities trainer, de-bunks some of the common myths she encounters about equality and diversity