Why I volunteer - by one of VAL's student volunteers

Chloe Hur, a student at Goldsmith's University, explains during Student Volunteering Week why she finds it rewarding volunteering on VAL's heritage project.

Why I volunteer 

When I started my Visual Sociology study at Goldsmiths, I wanted to look for meaningful ways to hone my visual skills whilst learning more about people-led movements. VAL’s Refuge, Resistance, Response project offered me the perfect opportunity.

Since getting involved two months ago, I’ve been trained on how to search for and use archival material, edit audio, and create coherent work that showcases the voices of local activists.

The close mentorship I received throughout the entire process has made the experience even more valuable and enjoyable.

As an American who has felt discouraged by the downward spiral of politics back home, I am deeply inspired by VAL’s 50 years of effective social action.

Diving into local archives has been a particularly thrilling way to learn about local activism, as I would often discover completely unexpected tidbits about the community church, shops, streets, people, buildings, etc. that have enriched the borough’s story.

I feel encouraged to continue working with community-oriented organisations in the future, and am confident that my experience with VAL’s Refuge, Resistance, Response project will help me thrive wherever I go.

Chloe Hur is a student at Goldsmith's University and a volunteer on VAL's Refuge, Resistance, Response project.