The value of training

Our volunteer Bridget reflects on training she attended on ‘How to Create an Authentic and Mission-Led Brand’.
Overall the training session on ‘How to Create an Authentic and Mission-Led Brand’  was very well-structured and informative, and I consider my time spent with Holly Whelan and the School for Social Entrepreneurs, as time well spent.
Holly was an excellent teacher; at no point during the day did my interest flag. Her teaching style featured a lot of anecdotes and insights from her over 20 years of experience within the consumer, corporate and social marketing sector.
Holly showed us how quickly inauthentic brand missions and motives are seen through and publically humiliated in the media. She spoke of ‘greenwashing’ in the PR and marketing sector, and how fast the public turns its back on a brand once its ‘greenwash’ is seen through. 
In order to create an authentic and mission-led brand, Holly emphasised constancy of purpose and actions across the company. She spoke of synergies in partnerships and how crucial this is. 
One charity example she used of a really beneficial partnership was that of Macmillan Cancer Support and Cancer Research UK; the organizations had good synergy together, which was really beneficial for both organizations.
She also touched on brand naming, and of how important naming is in carrying and communicating an authentic mission. I learnt how much deliberation is behind the creation and maintenance of a brand, and this information on branding and organisation identity is especially relevant.
The whole event was pleasingly well-structured and very information-packed. Holly’s teaching was interactive and she invited a lot of contributions and questions from her audience. She was very keen on encouraging discussion and spoke of how helpful it can be when ideas are shared, conversation is generated, and realisations made.
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