Steps to being a Safeguarding Champion


What you can do to become a great safeguarding champion

If ‘safeguarding is everyone’s business’ what steps can you take to be a safeguarding champion within your organisation?
Martin Crow, Business Manager at Lewisham Safeguarding Adults Board, shares his ten steps to being a great safeguarding champion. 
1. Person-centred approach
Ensure the service user is placed at the centre of all safeguarding related work 
2. Seek user feedback
Actively seek feedback from service users to ensure their voice is heard and used to help shape practice
3. Communicate clearly with service users
Ensure the organisation provides bespoke adult safeguarding information and advice for clients and service users
4. Work in an inclusive way
Specifically improve awareness and network with minority and marginalised groups (‘The Seldom Heard’)
5. Ensure staff are trained 
Help to ensure that the workforce is appropriately trained in this subject
6. Share good practice 
Share good practice with colleagues about what works well in safeguarding
7. Ensure policies in place
Ensure that there are appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures in place
8. Learn from mistakes
Ensure the organisation learns from the most serious cases of abuse
9. Help change the culture in the organisation
Influence the culture inside the organisation and wider community
10. Raise awareness within organisation and wider community
Raise awareness by helping design, connect to, and support awareness campaigns
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