Local MP addresses community safety issues at VAL's CYP Forum

Making Lewisham a safer place for young people 

MP Vicky Foxcroft addressed a packed Children and Young People's Forum at the Riverside Youth Centre, Deptford, this week.
VAL's CYP Forum looked at a number of perspecitives on how to make Lewisham a safer place for young people. 
MP Vicky Foxcroft outlined the findings of the Youth Violence Commission's report. This report outlines key areas which the Commission would like to see policy changes in.
Chaired by Nalan Salih from the Lewisham Parent Carer Forum, the CYP forum heard from local charities Youth First, For Jimmy, a Young Mayoral candidate, RASASC and the Lewisham Parent Carer Forum 
The final speaker was  Geeta Subramaniam-Mooney, Head of Public Protection and Safety, who gave Lewisham’s approach to making the borough safer. 
Attendees went on to discuss in groups the main challenges in making Lewisham a safer place for young people, what organisations are doing (including in partnership), and whether more support needed by local organisations in terms of training, information, collaborative partnerships, and other resources

More details on this weeks' forum to follow www.valewisham.org.uk
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If you need more information, please contact us.