Could you be a rep for the Health and Wellbeing Board?

Opportunity to represent the sector on the Health and Wellbeing Board

Voluntary Action Lewisham have been asked to identify a representative to Lewisham’s Health and Wellbeing Board. Please see below for link to information on this opportunity and the Expression of Interest form. 

Click for : Expression of Interest for the Reps role - guidance and expression of interest 


Deadline for Expressions of Interest

Please complete Expression of interest forms by 7 February 2019 at 4pm.


Election event

The vote will for the rep will take place at a health and wellbeing networking event on the morning of 12 February.

Candidates will be invited to attend this event to give a short presentation.

If you have any queries on this role, or your eligibility, contact us




Guidance on applying to be the Health and Wellbeing board rep


Background to the Health and Wellbeing Board

The Lewisham Health and Wellbeing Board is a statutory board that brings together elected representatives and service providers to advise on the development of local health and wellbeing services. It is a strategic meeting that works towards creating better health and wellbeing for the people of Lewisham.


For information on the Health and Wellbeing Board meetings please visit


The rep's role

  • The rep should have an active interest in the health and wellbeing of the residents of Lewisham.
  • They should be aware of the different communities in Lewisham and of health inequalities in the borough.
  • The representative role is intended to give a voice to an individual in the sector who does not already have a voice on similar boards (such as board member of a health care trust, or a local councillor, etc.)
  • The successful candidate should be able to demonstrate an understanding about health and wellbeing and they should bring a wide perspective that represents the range of communities in Lewisham, and not to just represent their own organisation or a single-interest group.


The rep's responsibilities

They will attend board meetings and will be responsible for liaising with and feeding back to VAL a timely fashion. The rep will be expected to prepare for meetings, including reading the board papers in advance of meetings.


Applying to be a rep

Candidates will need to show they have knowledge and experience of the voluntary and community sector. Applications can be made by anyone representing a voluntary and community sector organisation working or volunteering in Lewisham.

The Expression of Interest form has space for a supporting statement for the candidate (up to 200 words).



Your referee should be someone who knows of your experience working or volunteering in a local community setting. Please include the name of your referee and the organisation that they represent. The organisation is required to be a member of Voluntary Action Lewisham.



A vote for the rep will take place at an upcoming health and wellbeing event for VAL members. Candidates will be invited to attend this event to give a short presentation to the attendees.