Celebrate your workforce on International Workers Day!

The Resilient Organisations report from What Works Wellbeing1 confirms what many who work in the VCSE sector know well – that people who work for organisations whose values are in line with their own are far more likely to be happy at work. And people who are happy at work are more likely to:

  • Take less time off sick
  • Be more productive
  • Go the extra mile
  • Find creative solutions to workplace problems
  • Stay with their employer

Looking at organisations that had been affected by the recession, this study found that employees who felt they were part of a community, working together for a common good, were four times more likely to maintain their pre-recession levels of wellbeing and productivity.

It turns out that a happy workforce is not a nice-to-have but brings significant financial rewards to organisations that embrace its principles – just add up the monetary value of the five bullet points above to get a sense of what this is worth in economic terms.

Here’s positive psychologist Shawn Achor’s rapid-fire TED talk on happiness, potential and performance.

Wishing you a happy Labour Day!


1 What Works Wellbeing collects evidence about the relative impacts on wellbeing of policies and projects, their cost and the quality of the evidence.