The Charity Commission has released the questions that will be in the revised annual return that will come into force from late August 2018. These include the following new questions that will apply to all Charitable Incorporated Organisations and registered charities with income over £10,000.

Does your charity work with a professional fundraiser? Does your charity have written agreements with all of its professional fundraisers?

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All information will be helpful for planning future events for the Children and Young People (CYP) Forum. 

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Great to see everyone at the heritage exhibition launch. 

We also took some some of the stories down to People's Day in Catford. 

How to be more efficient searching for emails 

How many times have you thought ‘I definitely read that in an email!’ and then spent half an hour unsuccessfully trawling through your inbox? Or lost a payment for a random amount and can’t find where it came from? Wondered if you’ve got an account with a particular business?
If you are using Outlook or Gmail, there are built in search features that can make finding those bits of lost and lurking information much easier. The search box in Outlook is at the top of your inbox:


We’ve had  a series of free sessions on the Five Ways to Wellbeing coming up on Wednesdays, between 12 and 1pm at Mulberry Centre, SE14.

Open to all who live, work or study in Lewisham.

Contact Mark for more info on forthcoming events. 


Give: The benefits of volunteering